Who We Are

Dr. Joar Haugland

European Continental Director

Dr. Joar Haugland and his wife, Inger, are from Trogstad, Norway. They started their international ministry in 1984 when God called them to the United Kingdom. Ten years later they started the Word of Faith Church in Trøgstad. The same year, they were invited to the city of Orebro in Sweden where they met ICFM Directors and became members of ICFM. In 1995, Pastor Haugland became the Director for ICFM Norway and later for ICFM Europe. In addition to pastoring their church, they have ministered in 14 nations and 10 states in the USA. Over the last twenty years, Dr. Haugland has in addition to the ministry worked for 11 years in a Christian rehab for drug addicts, and the last 7 years as a consultant for medical assisted rehabilitation for heroin addicts outside Oslo. They have three children, a daughter-in-law and three grandchildren.

Rev. Kenneth Wilson

United Kingdom / Ireland National Director

Ballymena, Northern Ireland

Bishop Steven Lyn Evans

England Director & European Board Member

Steven ministers the Gospel of Jesus Christ many times with miracles following and testimonies of these have been featured on front page secular newspaper headlines in Great Britain! The last time this happened it was through the ministry of Smith Wigglesworth. He has seen God do the impossible over and over again. He teaches Bible-believing Christians to compromise their thinking to the Word of God, rather than compromising the Word of God to the limits of human understanding.

He and his Canadian wife Rev. Mikah have preached and taught internationally, including conferences in places such as: Africa, India, America, Europe, Pakistan, USA and Canada. He has authored several books and his teachings have been broadcast on radio and satellite television via channels such as TBN, the Gospel Channel, and others.